Publications Manager 
Amber Bouthot
(800) 733-4111 ext. 2491


Account Executives
Melinda Nicklas,
(800) 733-4111 ext. 2481
Cell: 219-510-3449

Toni Widman
Cell: 260-414-2679


Amber Bouthot, ext. 2491


Advertising Options

Display Ads

Display advertising in Fort Wayne's Glo Magazine provides you unparalleled reach and impact for women of All Ages in the the Fort Wayne metro area.

Fort Wayne's Glo Magazine is a free magazine serving the Fort Wayne metro area.

This description is intended to serve as a guide in your advertising and marketing decision-making. Contact your account executive to confirm your rate category, or call Amber Bouthot in the Advertising Department at (800) 733-4111, ext. 2491.